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Welcome to this site here you will find information usefull for givving or reciving a stick and poke tattos . if not practiced saftly sitck and poke can be very dangerous and lead to infection and limb loss. here you can find links to safe places to find clean kits and storys about what to expect if you chose to get a tattoo.


all the storys are retold by me so these are not first hand storys they will still be helpful so keep reading.


Kaliah Brown 




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infection and scaring  

Not every tattoo was nice.
sometimes the ink is regected witch leads to deep ifections and scars and if the infection is deep enough for you to need an ampution  

Stick and Poke 

lots of Regret



with this new style of tattoo there is alot of impulse young teens would either give thenselves or others.theses not so nice tattoos add peer prussure and you end up with a tattoo that is very poorly done and they never really wanted .

angry parents 

parents are not normally very suportive in general of tattoos and when there child comes home with a rediculas  tattoo they are gonna be very pissed  

the new age of homeade tattoo's

the newst trend is stick and poke is where young people at home or whereever beacuse there is no regulation on thi type of tattooing so it is found all over from prisonos to young teenagers. 

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